Gallery Director

Barnstone Gallery is the fulfillment of gallery director Lynn Detwiler’s passion for sharing the experience of art.

With a background in Art History and Studio Art, Lynn enjoys thinking about and seeing the beauty in art: “When I see a piece of art I’m drawn to, there’s an emotional response. I feel a sense of belonging.”

To Lynn, extending that sense of belonging to the wider community is what Barnstone is all about: “When an artist creates and portrays a feeling, an emotional relationship is formed with the viewer. The atmosphere we have created at Barnstone provides a uniquely comforting venue to explore this connection.” For Lynn fusing her passion for art with a place rich in family history provides a rare opportunity to create a lasting connection between art, patron and community.

Directing a gallery is just one facet of Lynn’s lifelong passion for creating art. A mother of three, Lynn loves to relate to and inspire her children through creative projects. While raising her children, Lynn worked as substitute art teacher and volunteered on various art and cultural projects at her children’s school. Lynn has also been actively involved in supporting KIDDS, a regional center that provides counseling services for bereaved children and their families. It is through this work that Lynn has been profoundly touched by the connection between art and emotion. “The creative component of all these initiatives has fostered my own personal growth. Creating on my own is how I find peace.”

Lynn and husband Brint Detwiler decided to open Barnstone Gallery as a way to enrich their lives with art and continue the legacy and history of the barn building as a family treasure. Read more about the History of Barnstone Gallery.